1. COMPANY NAME: YAC Robot Systems
   5. BUSINESS AREA: Robot Systems, Design, Installation,
       Programming, Training, Maintenance, and Spare Parts Supply

Robot Systems

YAC Robot Systems designs and builds a variety of machines and systems, from special stand-alone work cells, to full turnkey manufacturing assembly systems. YAC Robot Systems is capable of providing fully customized, turn-key automation systems and equipment. We also will work as part of your team to provide the following support when necessary: Control System Design, Machine Design, Control Panel Fabrication, Machine Assembly, Software and Machine Control, Preliminary

PLC & PC Based Control Systems

YAC engineers are experienced PLC and PC programmers. We have done systems using Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Toyopuc, Fanuc, Modicon, Automation Direct and many more PLC brands. We design Operator Interface screens using Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Koyo, Screen Works, Keyence and many more. We also design custom VB.net software for Process Control & Data Collection, Database application, Barcode Verification & Traceability, Custom Vision Applications, PC to PLC communication and Runtime Software.

Vision Systems & parts marking

YAC designs and builds machine vision systems for a wide variety of applications from Barcode Reading, Part/Model Verification, Presence/Absence detection, Part Gauging, Robot Guidance 2D & 3D, Line Tracking and Random Bin Picking. Our vision systems range from small stand-alone units to fully automated machines using either smart cameras with embedded imaging processing or custom vb.net software using vision library's and standard cameras. We can also add vision to existing systems and robots. YAC has experience using Fanuc iRVision, Braintech, Cognex, DVT, Omron, Keyence and National Instruments. We also capable of working with any brand of vision equipment.

Electrical & Controls Engineering

YAC Controls Engineers assure compliance with RIA, ANSI, and/or customer General Equipment Standard. They handle the electrical design, layout, and electrical functions. Using Roboguide knowledge they create  3D simulations to emulate a projects function, reach studies and provide cycle time analysis.
YAC Controls Engineers handle all aspects of PLC, Vision Systems, Servo Systems, and Database applications. Integrating new systems with current system in a Turn-key approach.

Mechanical Engineering 

YAC Mechanical Engineers use 3D CAD Software (Autodesk inventor Pro) to detect design defects, component interferences, verify the system function and safety, and reduce project risk. In order to make the concept easy for our customers to understand.

.   Turnkey Solutions

.   Design, Engineering, Build, Assembly, In house Run-off, Install, Training

.   Programming

.   PM (Preventative Maintenance)
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.   PLC & PC Based Control Systems

.   HMI and Interfaces

.   Rebuilt (Robot Overhaul)

.   Troubleshooting

.   Spare parts supply

.   Fanuc Robots Supply.
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YAC Robot Systems delivers automated solutions for a large variety of applications in many industries such as:

. Palletizing

. Material Handling

. Die Casting (HPDM, LPDM, GDM, Ladle)

. Packaging

. Vision (2D Barcode, Marking &Reading)

. Deburring  Watch Fanuc Video

. Dispensing

. Custom automation equipment


YAC Robot Systems is a Fanuc Certified Integrator, and offers on site training specific to the customers' equipment. Training is also available at YAC's facility on M-6iB Fanuc Robot.
YAC issuesTraining Certificates with every training course completion

YAC Robot Systems
11 Kiesland Ct.
hamilton OH 45015

Current Job Listing

Electrical / Controls Engineer
Please submit resume to Matt Hollon : mhollon@yac-robot.com

Mechanical Engineer
Please submit resume to Said Lachtioui : slachtioui@yac-robot.com

Asccenbly Technician
Please submit resume to Perry Wheeler : pwheeler@yac-robot.com

Service Technician
Please submit resume to Shawn Perry : sperry@yac-robot.com